Oh Baby!

DSC_0050When I see a newborn baby, I feel a cascade of emotions.  There’s the obvious awe over the miracle of life, contemplating how a single cell splits and multiplies, floats around in amniotic fluid for about 9-months, then squeezes through the birth canal and comes out as a perfectly formed human being complete with eyes, toes and nose.

In the case of my great niece, Catherine, I’m even more amazed because she came into the world 9-weeks early via emergency C-section, weighing less than 4-pounds.  Still, she breathed on her own and fought for the chance to have an impact on this world, already changing family dynamics for the better by her mere existence.

DSC_0072During my photo shoot, my brother took a break from an exhaustive project to rebuild his storm-damaged bridge so he could hold his granddaughter, who slept calmly, snuggled to his chest.

I’m sure he remembers the time when his own daughter was small and fragile, so he asked me to take a photo of Catherine’s delicate fingers.

I chose to frame the shot a little wider to show the raw scrapes on the back of my brother’s hard-working hand.  –A visual image of the protective nature of a father and grandfather, or perhaps more cynically, the reality that newborn innocence will soon have to deal with the realities of life.

For now, this beautiful little red head, with bright blue eyes, has a creamy complexion, undamaged by ultraviolet rays, and a newborn soul not yet damaged by the bumps and bruises of life.


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