Winter Shock

Winter began like a lamb but slammed into the Mountain State like a lion when Jonas brought heavy snow, sub-freezing temperatures and gusty winds to West Virginia starting Friday, January 22nd.  The snow continued falling for more than 24-hours, eventually leaving about 18-inches of icy-cold powder throughout the capital city of Charleston.

I must admit it was quite a shock to my mind and body after living on the Island of Kauai for four years where I became accustomed to mild tropical weather year-round, complaining it was cold when temps dropped into the low 60’s…Lol.

If you check out my Kauai Blog, you’ll see that it features stunning ocean views, gorgeous rainbows and magnificent sunsets.  I can’t lie, I miss living on the Garden Isle, but have no regrets returning to the mainland to spend time with my 95-year old mother, a mountain-born farm girl who used to vacation with my father in Alaska, surviving winter weather so wicked it makes me feel like a wimpy whiner in comparison.

With that said, I decided to venture out with my camera in the early morning hours, so I could capture the snow while it was pure and fresh.  First challenge was to get my front door open since the snow had piled up overnight and engulfed my car.  I stumbled through knee-deep snow to get out of my driveway and found the best way to get to the West Virginia Capitol Complex was to walk down the middle of Kanawha Boulevard, one of the main thoroughfares snowplows keep relatively clear.

Hiking a couple of blocks warmed me up and gave me time to appreciate the serenity brought on by the lack of cars and other people.  It even made me feel kind of special being one of the first to leave my footprints in the fresh snow, admiring the way the white powder clung to houses, trees, and statues in and around the Capitol Complex.

For now, no more walks on the beach, no afternoon snorkeling and a dramatic change in clothing from T-shirts, shorts and Hawaiian slippahs, to thick coats, snow pants and boots.

I’ll end with a portion of Joe Cocker’s well-known lyrics and say, “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends,” sending out a special thanks to my mom for buying me a nice warm jacket and additional kudos to a California friend who gifted me with an amazing pair of sheepskin boots.

OK, Mother Nature, I’m back, so bring it on!

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