Is It Spring Yet?

I was looking forward to capturing some photos of the delicate cherry blossoms and beautiful tulips which surround the West Virginia Capitol every spring.

When I woke on the morning of Saturday, April 9th, there was a whiteout outside my window, with wind-blown snow creating a chilly reminder that a freezing wintry blast was still possible, despite the date on the calendar.

So I pulled on my snow pants, added a turtleneck sweater and gloves and headed to the capitol grounds with my camera tucked under my heavy jacket for protection.

I find the resulting photos sadly beautiful.  The white snow landing on the brilliantly colored flowers makes for a great contrast, even though the frosty coating damages the pedals and shortens their lifespan.  The following day, the tulips were wilted and mushy and the cherry blossoms were brown and frost-bitten.

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